An Introduction to Our Favorite Salsa

    We wanted to make a salsa that was sweet and still a little spicy while making sure that it made your tongue happy, so we did. Our raspberry-lime salsa is a lot of things, but ordinary isn‘t one of them. Different, yes. Delicious, definitely. We‘re positive it‘ll have you MMMM‘ing at every bite!

A Brief History

    It all started with leftover raspberries and an idea. To make a raspberry flavored salsa. With a flavor as sweet as raspberry, it could only be accented with zesty lime. In 2007, we gave away our homemade canned salsa to family as gifts and as a donation to help out benefits, church bazaars, friends, etc. They loved it. The reaction was positive!

    In 2008, we were being asked if we were going to "do something" with the Raspberry-Lime Salsa. Approximately a year and a half later, our family decided to go forward with a small business and agreed to name it Hickory Road, LLC and name our first product 6C‘s Raspberry-Lime "Mild" Salsa. The six of us voted on different ideas. We voted on what label to use of six different variations and came out agreeing on the same one without any negotiations.

    As of now, demos are given and samples are handed out, to introduce our salsa to different households and businesses to enjoy!