Our Mild flavor is recommended for those of you that are trying our product for the first time. It is the sweetest and least spicy of our Raspberry-Lime Salsa selection and has flavors that are unlike your usual salsa experience. $6.50 per jar.


Our Medium flavor is the next step up on the "spicy scale". This salsa has bold fruity flavors with a spicy kick at the end. $6.50 per jar.

Please note that the price per jar is $6.50 and we'd appreciate it if you can include the address that we need to ship the order to.


Our Hot flavor is the perfect choice for those of you that want heat in your salsa selection. This salsa offers a sweet suprise on top of a bold flavor that your taste buds will love. $6.50 per jar.

After placing your order via e-mail, you will be contacted to let you know how much shipping is and billed through PayPal.


Our Too Hot flavor was designed especially for all the hot salsa lovers. This salsa offers a sweet, zesty, upfront taste followed by a surprising finish that will enhance your experience. $6.50 per jar.